Mr. Hs Driving School, LLC

Londonderry High School

6 Tracy Drive

Derry, NH 03038




Dear Parents,


Londonderry High School will allow, with parental permission, your son/daughter to leave school during their study or lunch period to complete on-street driving. A certified Driver Education Instructor from Mr. Hs Driving School would meet the student in front of Londonderry High School and the student would be dropped off at the same place before the next class. In order to be allowed to drive during their study or lunch period, your son/daughter must be passing all subjects and getting to their next period class on time. School counselors will notify the driving school if your teenager does not meet this requirement.


We are offering this to anyone whose son/daughter goes to Londonderry High School, but attends Mr. Hs Driving School. If you choose to have your son/daughter drive during their study or lunch periods, please sign below and return this form with your completed application.


Mr. Hs Driving School takes full responsibility for anyone driving during the day. Londonderry High School will not be responsible for your son/daughter when they are off campus with the Driving Instructor. Your signature below indicates that you agree to the above conditions.


I agree to allow my son/daughter to complete on-street driving during their study or lunch period. Please circle Yes No


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