Mr. Hís Driving School, LLC

6 Tracy Drive, Derry, N.H. 03038



Application for Enrollment


In conjunction with your (son or daughter) application a copy of the studentís birth certificate is required. Please note a student must be at least 15 years & 9 months old by the start of the course or 16 years old by the conclusion of the course per State Law.


Prior to the first day of class, a student must provide written proof that they have passed an eye test; 20/40 vision (with corrective lenses if necessary) is the State requirement. Most students arrange for this test with their high school nurse.


A non refundable deposit of $170.00 in advance is required to secure a student in a class. The balance of $500.00 is due payable by the first class.

Mail Application form, Permission form, birth certificate and deposit check to

Mr. Hís Driving School, 6 Tracy Drive, Derry, N.H. 03038


Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis; Students are registered upon receipt of completed forms, deposit check and birth certificate.





(First, Middle, Last)



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Email Address

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Student Home Phone_____________________ Date of Birth______________________


Parent Names___________________________Work Phone_______________________

Requirement: Please note (circle) the studentís after school availability for driving.